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It’s been a while!!!!

Well a lot has happened since the last time i was here!!

I keep thinking i would love to ahve a blog and then i let never remember to post anything.  It’s easy to find other things to do and put things off.

Anyway as i said a lot has happened, it’s nearly the end of Oct how did that happen????  The year is literally flying by.  I surprises me every year but it never fails!

So what has happened since my last post??


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Weekend away!!!!

So looking forward to this weekend 🙂 going to the lake district with my mum and I can’t wait.

It’s going to be so nice to have a wee break from Glasgow and be able to relax and chill out in different surroundings.

I am making the most of life at the moment, having wee breaks spending time with friends and making plans!!  There is nothing better than living your life and spending time with the people that make you laugh and that care about you.

It’s not always possible with work etc but i am making an effort to make the most fo my life!  Why just exist when you can live 🙂

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I think i am in need of a break!!!!

I am getting a bit weary and feel like i need some time out to re-charge my batteries and do something else.  I am going away for the weekend a week on Friday and i am really looking forward to the break…….

Life is busy and work needs to be done but sometimes you just need time out to be yourself be who you are away from the workplace.  No need to simply exist but a chance to live!!!!

Maybe i need to re-evaluate what is important to me and what i need to be happy and content listen to the inner me and see what she needs and what she wants. 

I have an idea what she wants but compromise will need to be made to fit that into what is manageable. 

Life has constrains but i want to live my life as fully as possible within that.  I feel like my wings have been clipped or more precisely that i have clipped my own wings and created a glass ceiling that i cannot rise above.  It is time to lift the roof and rise as high as i can 🙂

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To define or not to define????

When do you ask about defining your relationship?? 

I thought things were going well undefined and not rushed and they are however something has come up that means choosing to be in this relationship or not.  If this is the case then I think maybe a bit of definition would help!  I.e. what we want moving forward

I want to have a relationship and be in this relationship and I am choosing to stay and not end things due to the circumstances!  It isn’t anything bad but it may limit the length of our relationship but I am willing to stay and enjoy what we have.  Make the most of the time.

If things work out then the relationship will not be time limited.  Either way I want to know that I am with someone who truly wants to be with me and get to know who I am.  Someone who looks at the real Emma and says that’s the kind of woman I want in my life.

I suppose only time will tell

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Stressed out !!!! :-(

I work with stressed people all the time and support them in their stress.  Maybe I need to think about how I manage my stress.  I am usually quite good at it but things have just got on top of me today, hopefully it is a one off and tomorrow will be a lot more manageable.

I am quite proud that I have not turned to chocolate although there is loads in the office but there is still time!!  As long as I am in control of the chocolate it can’t control me 🙂 lol