Smile! Life is too short not too :-)


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I went out with Moise the other night for dinner and then to a birthday party that he had been invited too, we then ended up in Mansion house for a few drinks and ended up dancing.  Although it wasn’t planned it was actually really nice, i love dancing and i haven’t been out dancing for years.  It was lovely dancing with him and having such a good time, it really out a smile on my face 🙂

We are getting on really well and apart from a few communication issues, what couples doesn’t have them we are doing great!!!!

I am looking forward to going out dancing again and we have been looking at going to Salsa classes shud be fun.  If we don’t stand on each others toes too much lol 🙂


Author: bubblybutterfly2012

I am a beautiful, bubbly woman who doesn't always get it right but who strives for happiness and love within her life. Life is too short for regret, too short to be unhappy and too short to be with the wrong person. My wish is to live what I believe to be true and not limit myself by feeling unfulfilled.

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