Smile! Life is too short not too :-)

Having fun!!!!

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Well i have been having lots of fun spending time with friends making plans and it’s great, it is making me very happy!!

Have had dinner and cocktail’s with Kim it was so nice to catch up and have a laugh and she is doing very well and almost pain free 🙂

I have been to Traci’s birthday party and met Angela and Chris so making new friends as well which is never a bad thing!!  Traci, Chris and I are going to see the hobbit together when it comes out.

I have also started going for some walks in the Glasgow Green and around Rutherglen and it’s great to get out and have some fresh air instead of being stuck to the telly all the time.


Author: bubblybutterfly2012

I am a beautiful, bubbly woman who doesn't always get it right but who strives for happiness and love within her life. Life is too short for regret, too short to be unhappy and too short to be with the wrong person. My wish is to live what I believe to be true and not limit myself by feeling unfulfilled.

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