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Well it has only taken me 32 years but i have been finally feeling lately that i am uncomfortable with my size!!  Now don’t get me wrong curvy is sexy but when you start to feel it action needs to be taken.

So i have had some things checked like cholesterol and blood sugar and i am fine and i am looking at what i eat and trying to make better choices.

I also attended my first body pump class on Sat with my mum and it wasn’t as scary as i thought, the guy teaching the class was very encouraging and kept us going, so much so that we are going back for seconds this Sat, my thighs are still sore but it will be worth it.  Also going to Zumba on Sun so a double wammy!!

I have been trying to eat more fruit and things that are less processed and i can never see myself being majorly disciplined but i am trying.  I have had no take aways over the weekend, no crisps no biscuits or alcohol so i am starting well.

However i have been there and done that and always fall by the way side but if i can feel healthier and treat my body better then i will be happy with that, i don’t want to be skinny or loose my curves just to feel a bit better within myself and a bit healthier.

It would also be nice to climb some stairs without feeling like i was tired.

One day at a time!! 🙂


Author: bubblybutterfly2012

I am a beautiful, bubbly woman who doesn't always get it right but who strives for happiness and love within her life. Life is too short for regret, too short to be unhappy and too short to be with the wrong person. My wish is to live what I believe to be true and not limit myself by feeling unfulfilled.

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