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Trying something new!!!!

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If you try something again and again and it doesn’t work or it doesn’t get you what you want it’s time to review.  You maybe putting a lot of effort in but if you still get the same outcome a change could be just the thing.

Not that long ago I had lunch with my great friend Kim and she gave me an outside perspective on what I was doing.  Sometimes friends can give you amazing insight into yourself and your behaviour.

I am always in such a rush to find a relationship and even when I tell myself to take my time get to know this person first before I jump in, I do find that very hard to do.  I fall hard and love hard and it has never really worked out for me.

Well I am changing things and I feel a lot more comfortable in myself and in not defining what is happening.  I have met a lovely man who was under my nose all the time and we are taking things slowly, we get on really well and enjoy each others company but we are seeing how things go and not defining anything.  We are in no rush although we both have expressed that we want a relationship.  It’s like a breathe of fresh air and I am loving it.

So sometimes if you try and try and still get the same out come maybe you should have a review and change something and see what happens oh and go out for lunch with your friends and be open to what they think 🙂 they could really help you to get to where you want to be.


Author: bubblybutterfly2012

I am a beautiful, bubbly woman who doesn't always get it right but who strives for happiness and love within her life. Life is too short for regret, too short to be unhappy and too short to be with the wrong person. My wish is to live what I believe to be true and not limit myself by feeling unfulfilled.

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