Smile! Life is too short not too :-)

Thank goodness it’s Friday!!!! ;-)

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The weekend is here!!!! Yay

What will the weekend bring!!  Sometimes nothing, chilling out or catching up a with friend but this weekend I am fully booked and I can’t wait.

Yesterday i was having a bit of a low day but my weekend plans have picked me up and my enthusiasm is back! 🙂

It was my lovely mother’s birthday yesterday and although I could not spend time with her because of work we are going out for dinner on Sunday when I get to give her her present.

Tonight I am seeing my Lynda for a catch up, a well deserves drink and a take away.  It has been far too long and I miss my best friend so the fun and laughter will be flowing tonight.

Then on Saturday I will have some lovely company for a chill out with a DVD and some food.  You know who you are but at this time I am going to keep this one under my hat and take my time.  You will find out eventually but some things in a ladies life have to be kept private. 🙂

(all those who are saying your no lady – fair enough) but this will stay private for now lol

Hope everyone has a great weekend


Author: bubblybutterfly2012

I am a beautiful, bubbly woman who doesn't always get it right but who strives for happiness and love within her life. Life is too short for regret, too short to be unhappy and too short to be with the wrong person. My wish is to live what I believe to be true and not limit myself by feeling unfulfilled.

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